Rom and Wedding Actual Day Photography in Singapore

We at RAINSTAR Photography specialize in ROM and wedding actual day photography in Singapore. Our skilled photographers capture the precious moments of your ROM as well as actual wedding day with high-quality photography skills.

Are you getting hitched and waiting eagerly to say “I Do” to your beloved? We can understand your excitement and joy. And we would love to witness your love for your beloved on your ROM day and seize the breakthrough moment in photographs.

ROM Photography Services

At RAINSTAR Photography, we know and realize how essential ROM photography sessions are for the couples looking forward to living their life together. Hence, we capture every emotion associated with the day from shyness, excitement, nervousness, the joy of the groom, and the bride before signing their marriage certificate. We also capture smiles and tears of happiness on the faces of the couple as well as their families. Our ROM Photography services also include detailed shots, pre-ROM clicks, official ceremonies, and family photos.

Wedding Actual Day Photography Services

After the ROM photography, we can also shoot your actual wedding day and create memories that you will relish throughout your lives.

Now that you have officially become husband and wife, it is time for celebrating your actual wedding with all ceremonies and traditions. Our wedding photographers make sure that you and your beloved get captured fascinatingly on your wedding day, and hence, they use the most advanced equipment.

For ensuring that you get the best pictures captured during your actual wedding day, we focus on three essential moments that include exchanging of the vows, exchanging of rings and the final kiss to pronounce you husband and wife.

Our expert wedding photographers make sure to highlight these moments with high-quality wedding actual day photography. They also capture the candid moments for creating a more naturalistic wedding album which you can go through and live your special moments all over again. You can be assured that your wedding album will be filled with all those little moments of laughter, tears, joy, and emotive moments that took place throughout your special day.

The best part of taking our ROM and Wedding actual day photography services is that our wedding photographers will work around your schedule to make you feel at ease in the most important day of your life.

We believe that every couple is unique, and each story is special. Hence we take a personal approach to each wedding for capturing photographs that reflect the true you and the day!

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Our ROM Photography price package ( Including Photos Montage video Clip) :

  • S$200 for (1 hour )
  • S$300 for (2 hours)

Our Wedding Actual Day Photography price package:

  • S$500 for (4 hours)
  • S$900 for (10 hours)